Freaky, but should be fun

Wilpena Pound billabong

This is my first post on my first blog.  As such, I’m treating it as a trial run.

My first thought is the awareness that this will be PUBLIC, so it needs to be good enough to read without immediately causing eyes to glaze over and drool to form on saggy bottom lips, all around the globe.  That challenge is somewhat daunting.




Then again, maybe I’ll just have fun most of the time, and only occasionally try to pull out something really good.

Supertramp at clare holiday parkTesting the Supertramp at clare holiday park

I’ve chosen WordPress as my blog service for several reasons, including the humour and humanity built into it.  Uncharacteristically for me, I did not read the “fascinating terms of service” before signing up but was at least tempted to.  I’ve also chosen their premium (paid) service so that I can post videos and have more storage space.

My first blog project will be to post some highlights of our Christmas 2012 trip to New Zealand, and our January 2013 trip to Belgium and the UK. There is some video from that I want to post but that may take (quite) a bit of editing first. In the meantime we have plenty of photos, stories, and entries from Mereem’s and Jean-Luc’s journals to post.

I hope that you enjoy reading at least some of these blogs and that you feel to comment…constructively, of course.

So, let’s go!

11 thoughts on “Freaky, but should be fun

    1. roelantdewerse Post author

      Yay for you Lynne! You win FIRST (and only) PRIZE for being the first person other than me to comment on my first post on my first blog! Knowing you, I think that would have to be chocolate in some form. A square or two of it might have to go to Kayli to very slightly offset the distress of having her bike nicked.

    1. Roelant Dewerse Post author

      Cheeky blighter. Okay okay, all talk no substance so far, but at least I now have a mostly-finished watercolour illustration that I’ve been sweating over (and drawing and painting endless sketches and studies for) for the last month. Not perfect, but presentable. Will scan and upload over the weekend or Monday to prove it!

  1. Claude

    Come on, where is it? (watercolour) Tuned in specifically to see it… Arrrrhh!…… Guess I gotta wait….

    1. Roelant Dewerse

      Posted now, brother (separate post).
      Had some touch-ups to do over the weekend that only “appeared” after I thought I was done.

  2. Beverly and Fiona

    What an exciting journey Roelant. Love that you have opened it up to the public so we can all enter in conversations with you. Blog for you – put your thoughts out there and you will find many friends who think along the same lines or want to explore thoughts with you. I look forward to reading more.


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