St Thomas Anglican Church, Maketu

St Thomas Anglican Church, Maketu.Watercolour and pencil, 420 x 297mm.

St Thomas Anglican Church, Maketu.
Watercolour and pencil, 420 x 297mm.

Well, after ummming and ahhhing and reading and sketching and painting lots of watercolour studies, the moment came last week when I was hovering over my final detailed pencil sketch with wash brush in hand. From the first touch of the brush to paper until the last touch-up was probably only 10 hours or so of actual painting time, much of which went surprisingly quickly. And here it is! My first full-sized watercolour, which hopefully will make the grade and be included in Rosemary’s (my wife’s) upcoming book on early Maori Christian leaders.

The church is The Anglican Church of St Thomas, in Maketu, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. You’ll be able to read about its significance in Rosemary’s book when that is published later this year (I’ll post on that when the books come back from the printers).

I could point out many, many problems with the painting. Would you like me to? Perhaps I should run a quiz: spot the 10 imperfections.  Jean-Luc, my 5 year-old son, will beat you all, as he loves “Where’s Wally” and pores over it for hours.

Anyway, I’m glad to have produced this and can now relax a little more and concentrate on developing good watercolour technique rather than trying not to overshoot deadlines by too much.

6 thoughts on “St Thomas Anglican Church, Maketu

  1. Claude

    Hi Roolee!
    I can imagine the effort to press the ‘Go’ button and step across that line into the public realm. But you did it – and it looks great! I love it.
    Do I win the prize for being the first to rip off some of your work? I have printed it off and have it on my wall at the office. What do I need to pay in royalties?
    As you say, you can now relax a bit and concentrate on taking your talent in the direction you want to. Best of luck with that – I am already impatient to see your next work.

    1. Roelant Dewerse

      Thanks for that, Claudie. Yeah, that’s definitely worth a prize. Maybe I should include it when I finally get around to posting you a couple of things I owe you: a lovely (huge) card for Ruby that Mereem has done, and a present for Estelle. No worries about royalties, as long as you send any commission inquiries my way.

  2. Deirdre Tollestrup

    No stopping it now Roelant… I couldn’t resist posting this on my FB, given my attachment to Maketu where we lived for a couple of years. Many memories of this little church, including the dear kuia who gave us permission to use it for our wedding, after checking “you’re not Baptists or one of those other cults are you?”. My 5th generation Bay of Plenty Anglican heritage stood me in good stead I think because she graciously allowed us to pack it to overflowing with our assortment of family and friends- artists, hippies, born again Christians- with our friends from “the snapper club” in Paengaroa singing their hearts out as we walked down the aisle together. Magic! (maybe post my royalties bill to Claude? he started it!)

  3. Beverly and Fiona

    Wow Roelant – that’s brilliant. Yeah yeah ALL paintings have imperfections (persian carpets purposefully have imperfections – something to do with God being the only perfect image) So – don’t point them out, let us enjoy the great things about your paintings and your talent.


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