Computer going slow? Take heart!

If you thought you had problems, consider mine and feel immediately better.

I’m doing some video editing and, as part of that, copying some large files from a DVD onto one of our home laptops. Something in the chain is holding this up, as you can see from the screen shot, below, of the dialogue box currently displaying as I write.


A quick calculation (dividing 29,890 by 365) tells me that at this rate, the file will have finished copying in approximately 89 years’ time.  That gives me time to do the dishes, at least, and perhaps a few other things while I wait. But then what will I do with the remaining 7 hours? Any ideas, anyone?

3 thoughts on “Computer going slow? Take heart!

  1. Jo

    If your dishes take that long, you might need 7 hours to apply lotion to your hands. Otherwise, I suggest you start looking for househelp. Or stop eating.

    1. Roelant Dewerse Post author

      We were watching “A Dog’s Tale” (the Footrot Flats movie) last night. Wal’ Footrot’s domestic approach suggests a third alternative: don’t do the dishes. Yep, pretty gross alright. It was wonderful to hear Kiwi accents again, though!

  2. John Dewerse

    Ever tried your hand at hoovering, dusting the place, polishing the wooden furniture, cleaning the windows, mowing the lawn, taking charge of the washing and ironing it all, repainting the walls (indoors and out), bathing the kids, doing some Spring cleaning, typing out your wife’s notes, wash her hair as well as yours and the kids’ …? And what about cleaning the car and waxing it, checking the pressure of the tires, cleaning the bicycles, sweeping out the garage, checking and raking the drive, watering the garden, straightening out the garden hose, and then calling me for more suggestions once you have accomplished this first list …? Enjoy, brother, for there’s more to life than computers. 🙂


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