Moorowie Shack

The road ran out just before we reached the shack, and after heavy rains we were faced with a flooded dirt track that our city car trembled before. The 4WD motto “Clench your teeth and keep going” served us well; not that the kids were too affected as they had fallen asleep long ago on the 4-hour trip from Adelaide. As I carried them in they surfaced long enough to see a clearing night sky filled with stars, and the dim shape of Vicky and Peter Balabanski’s shack, sitting in a grassy field atop large dunes at the southern tip of the Yorke Peninsula. “This is not what I was thinking of” noted Jean-Luc, before returning to his slumber.

Despite that, he – and the Down the dunesrest of us – had a wonderful time doing whatever we felt like. That including wandering down the beach taking turns to see how far we could shoot a round of arrows, then sending the kids off like retrievers to fetch them out of the sand dunes; collecting “treasures” (Walk foreveras Mereem puts it) from the high tide mark; fishing off the Edithburg jetty; reading and painting; and lots of indoor games. For the sake of Vicky and Peter’s nerves I should probably omit to list soccer on the “indoor” games, but then again, the ball was a fluffy one.

We didn’t see any of the snakes we were warned about, but we saw a LOT of anthills that seemed to have sprung up overnight.

Jean-Luc trying not to look worried about the occupants of this tunnel

Jean-Luc trying not to look worried about the occupants of this tunnel

Hard working little things. It looked as though they stuck the sand grains together somehow then carried them up their tunnel to deposit on the growing spoil pile, in a cone shape around the tunnel entrance. Amazing.

Here are the two watercolours I produced. The sky in the first turned to mud so I made it the focus of my second painting, the next day, when the cumulus were contrasting nicely against the blue sky and thermals were developing in the far distance.

Moorowie view north 1

Moorowie view north 1
Watercolour 148mm x 210mm

Moorowie view north 2

Moorowie view north 2
Watercolour 148mm x 210mm

We left refreshed and re-connected to this new land of ours.

2 thoughts on “Moorowie Shack

  1. Daphne Dewerse

    We enjoyed this over breakfast, Roelant. The Yorke Peninsula is a discovery, for us, too. Thank you for sharing both in word and photo as well as some of your emotional response in the watercolours. Those of us in Coton

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