Fred’s Christmas

Mereem (my 8-year-old daughter) has been enjoying reading Calvin and Hobbes recently. The other day she couldn’t keep it in any longer and just had to start cartooning for herself. Ahhhh…takes me back; way, way back.

Her character is Fred, who likes to find the fast way from A to B. I like him, and especially his reactions when things don’t go his way.

Here’s her first Fred comic strip. Let me know if you can’t quite read any captions or need any other explanations and I’ll get Mereem to post the reply. One small thing to note is that Fred loves chocolate, and it is a bar of it that he’s eating in the bath to help calm himself down (as you do):

Freds Christmas page 1

copyright 2013 Mereem Dewerse

copyright 2013 Mereem Dewerse

copyright 2013 Mereem Dewerse

2 thoughts on “Fred’s Christmas

  1. Phil Boase

    I love the facial expressions … and the cat! I hope it comes back into later episodes.
    So who in your household eats chocolate in the bath? Who is Mereem modelling it on???

    1. Roelant Dewerse Post author

      Dear Phil
      i am glad thatyou like my comic, and i think it was me who was eating chocolate in the bath! and i wasn’t really modelling it on anyone, i just thought up my character, Fred.
      from Mereem.


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