There is water in South Australia

I’ve just finished work on a short video I have made, using selected footage from some scenes I shot on our camcorder in our neighbourhood. It is intended as an accompaniment to a meditation on water, as part of our church service next Sunday (22 Sept); one of a series of services on the subject of Creation. The idea with these meditations is to experience God through nature, even though we are inside a building. The following service will, maybe more sensibly, be held in the park by the church! If you’re in Adelaide you might want to pop along to Brougham Place Uniting Church at 10am.

Some sections that are static, allowing words to be spoken without too much distraction. You could be forgiven for thinking it has “frozen” at these times. Overall, however, it still makes a reasonably interesting little video if you have a spare 4 minutes, and shows you a little bit of our garden (particularly the weeds), the nearby Torrens river (including bullfrogs), and Henley Beach. It opens with a shot of a Southern Right whale we watched playing just beyond the breakers at Middleton Beach (south of Adelaide) recently.

The music is from Te Wao Nui a Tane, a song collection set to music by Hirini Melbourne.

I’ve uploaded both a high-resolution file (top one) and a low-resolution one (bottom one) in case your internet speed can’t cope. You can also download the video using the “Share” menu at the top left of the screen, then run it without having to worry about internet speed.

5 thoughts on “There is water in South Australia

    1. Roelant Dewerse Post author

      Thanks Mum. I get a lot of satisfaction from choosing the right music for an occasion. In this case Hirini Melbourne’s waiata are very appropriate, being about birds, trees, rain, rainbows etc. I can remember performing one of them, “Tihore mai te Ra”, with Rosemary and some NZ friends at a folk music concert in a village hall in Oxfordshire.

      It was lovely that the last track, Te Kopere (rainbow) fitted so well. The section of the waiata that I chose ended with “he Atua”…I’ve tried to find the full lyrics but think these are only available as a published book.

  1. Daphne Dewerse

    Claude and I enjoyed a reflective four minutes…the music is so ‘right’. Thank you.

    Reply ↓

  2. Phil Boase

    Beautiful! – the music and the visuals (including the weeds).
    I love water in all it’s various moods. I can (and do) spend hours watching waves. Water droplets are miniature perfection. Rippling water is mesmerising. Water reflections are magic. I have a few videos and photos of my own to prove my obsession.


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